Divorce in Edmonton

Divorce is one of the most nerve-racking dealings in one’s life. Letting go of someone you promised to spend the rest of your life with is unimaginable to some but most spouses are willing to overcome this ordeal in order to move on with their lives. If the couple does not have any children, any of the parties can file divorce themselves. But if it calls for a discussion with regards to your properties and children’s assets, Edmonton lawyers can accommodate your needs.

A divorce lawyer can assist you with matters of Division of matrimonial property, Spousal and child support, Child custody, access and maintenance, Business valuations and divisions, Division or organization of pensions and stock options and Family trusts which are all related to the divorce case.

Other than the litigation process, you also have the option to proceed to mediation process. Mediators practices alternative dispute settlements which makes it an affordable and speedy option for couples. Mediation includes many advantages, including preservation of delicate relationships, sensible compromises for both parties, and the ability to avoid costly legal fees.

The separation of properties of the couple can be messy and complicated than the divorce process itself. This is a fact especially if the parties cannot agree on the characterization of their properties and liabilities which is crucial under the Divorce Law. Both parties must disclose all of their assets and debts and should be distinguished which ones were acquired before and after the marriage; property or debt acquired during marriage is considered community property. Other properties are considered as a person’s separate private property, which shall not be part of the division process.

A divorce lawyer in Edmonton can also help you if a restraining order is necessary or if one was filed against you. Do not ignore this order against you for it is a blemish on your criminal record. A lawyer can understand how you value your reputation and he will use his advance skills to fight for you. Same thing goes if you or your children’s safety is at risk, a lawyer can recommend filing a restraining order against your soon-to-be other half. This can help maintain order during the divorce process.

The result of a divorce can have a big impact with your children, so child custody should be discussed and settled as well. Just remember that any decision in relation to child custody is based for the best interest of the child/children. Addiction of any kind, anger management and the like that any of the parties has, can be a factor in deciding a child custody.

Lawyers know that every situation is unique. Make sure to hire a lawyer that has experience or concentrates on divorce cases and other areas related to the process.

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