First Sign Of Divorce

When first sign of divorce your boyfriend says he needs space, you are so stunned that you cannot say a word. It is only after he is gone that you think of things you should have said. But you would be wrong. Anything you might have said at the time of the breakup, would only have made matters worse. You are fortunate that you were too stunned to talk. You actually did the right thing without knowing it. When a man breaks up with a woman, she usually either starts to cry and beg or say abusive and threatening things. Either way it would only make it harder to get your ex back.
Since you remained silent at the time of the breakup, you should continue to have no communication with your ex. He will not talk to you anyway, so why cause yourself more humiliation and pain? Chasing him, crying and begging will only push him farther away from you. So will constant calling, emailing or sending text messages. You need to ignore him completely and take him out of your life for a while. Go on with your life as it was before you met him. Reconnect with your family that you have probably been neglecting. Go out with your friends and have a good time.
When your boyfriend says he needs space give him all of the space he needs. When he sees you out having a good time without him, it will make him remember the good times he had with you. We all have a nostalgia gene that makes us long to have the good parts of our lives back. When he starts thinking this way, he will begin to miss you. Soon this will sign overwhelm divorce him and this will bring him back begging for your love. The problem will be his pride. Since you seem to have accepted the breakup, and moved on with your life, he will not know how to approach you.
Men cannot stand rejection, and this might be what is standing in the way of the two of you getting back together. He feels that you might still be angry with him for breaking up with you and you would reject any attempt to contact you. So, sign divorce you make it easy for him by sending him an email. Make it short and just say you hope thing are alright with him. This will give him the opening he needs that sign will bring divorce him back begging for your love.

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