How to Resolve Your Case Quickly

If your marriage is in tatters and if you feel there’s no other course to take but a divorce, you should take time first to comprehend the provisions stated in the Canada Divorce Act.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you live in Alberta or you live in other provinces.  The Act covers couples who are citizens and residing in Canada.

Divorce in Alberta:  Special Provision

The Act has a special.  If you have already filed a divorce case in Canada using the same name you are carrying now, the state might not allow you to file a second case.  A certification would be required of you stating that you have passed the condition stated in this special provision.

Reasons to File Divorce

There are three acceptable grounds in Canada stated as follows:

  • Partners are living separately for at least a year.
  • Adultery
  • Mental or physical abuse

Making It Affordable

There are strategies you can employ to make it quick and affordable.  First, ask for your partner’s cooperation.  If he or she will agree to have a mediation service, then you will not undergo the usual court proceedings involved in such cases or hire an expensive legal service from a lawyer.  Go online and find a non-attorney company.  The company should be able to do the following for you.

  • Provide paralegal and mediation services
  • Calculate for you how much spousal or child support you should ask from your partner
  • Make the results beneficial not only to you but to your partner as well
  • Teach the basics of Alberta divorce proceedings
  • Make it much more affordable for you than going through the usual legal processes

Non-attorney should not cost you much.  Most companies charge a flat rate that is not more than $1000.  If the company under your consideration is charging too much, frankly inquire about the additional services they are giving apart from those that are commonly offered in other companies.  Make sure that your every single penny will count.

Divorce in Alberta:  Issues to Take Up

Make sure that you are ready with all pertinent questions about the following:

  • Mediation – Even though mediation is a better option than the usual lengthy legal proceedings for divorce cases, you should ask the company whether it will result to something that’s favorable for you and your children.
  • Standard and Joint Divorce – What’s the difference between the two?  Which of these two is more applicable in your case?
  • Merit of the Case – Ask the company if your ground for divorce will hold.  Many companies are just out for the money.  A good company will tell you straight to your face if your reason for filing a divorce has merit.  Find a reputable company.
  • Alberta Matrimonial Property Act – Don’t forget to ask about division of assets.  Usually, the division is equal.  Seek illumination from the company about the possibility of you getting a bigger on account of your children’s welfare.

Be Strong

If you think you are just fighting for your rights and your children’s well-being, be brave.  Encourage your company to continue the fight by showing them your strong resolve to get what is legally yours and your unwavering decision to build a better future for your kids.

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