A lot of our clients in Alberta have opted for our mediation services. A couple can go for mediation with a neutral party to resolve a contentious dispute. Both parties do not need to agree on all the resolutions suggested by the third party mediator; in any case, such a process can help a couple save on legal expenses pertaining to their Alberta divorce or separation. This is not at all a binding process and its goal is to come up with some sort of compromise between the involved parties.

A mediator is a neutral individual; somebody whose job is to make suggestions and formulate plans that would ideally benefit both sides. Do not confuse mediation with arbitration, which allows any agreements to be binding if agreed prior to the process. More and more people are turning to mediation rather than a Court case, because it exempts them from having to hire lawyers who often tend to complicate things by trying to get the better of the other side. While mediation does not solve every problem, it is invariably a better alternative to lawyers and a great way to reduce legal fees.

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