Spousal Support

Eligibility for Support

Many people going through divorces cannot help but wonder whether their spouse would be eligible to receive support or not. It would depend – eligibility for support is not automatic for spouses. Along with the changes to divorce laws in and out of Alberta, there have been updates with regards to spousal support , but none of them have actually become laws as of the present. The first said update pertains to the eligibility for support. An individual may not receive much remuneration in most situations where the spouse remains gainfully employed or moved to another city or province with his/her new spouse.

The length of the marriage may also play a factor. If the couple was married for less than a decade, spousal support awarded may be limited. For childless couples, the erstwhile unofficial spousal support guidelines state that the percentage be set at 1.5% to 2.0% per married year, covering at least 50% of the entire duration of the marriage. These are fairly simple numbers that draws reference to the difference in income between husband and wife. These guidelines are different for couples with children, and may become so convoluted that an actual divorce lawyer may be required to sort things out. Asking for spousal support in these situations might make the divorce proceedings nebulous, so it is advisable not to exercise this right to avoid these complications.

In addition, others have wondered whether a couple that has never been legally married is eligible for such type of support. This would be handled on a case-to-case basis, and a legal professional conversant on such matter can best handle these concerns.

At Affordable Divorce, we are committed to negotiate the best deal possible – be it simple or complex, we will guide and assist with great solution that works for each and other needs. We can also refer you to somebody qualified and skilled if in any case your divorce becomes complicated due to spousal support issues.

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