Marriage is basically an agreement and a divorce is the conclusion of that agreement. One must have reasons for divorce before a divorce will be provided. In the old days the reasons for divorce were often mental cruelty or adultery or physical cruelty. However, since 1968 the grounds for divorce have modified and these days in Alberta nearly all divorce continue on the base and the grounds that there has been a breakdown of the marriage and that the events have resided separate and apart for more than one season. There is no more a need for attorney to confirm any harshness or infidelity if one has resided individual and apart for more than one season. The truth that you have resided individual and apart for one year becomes the argument for divorce.

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The process is that either party can start divorce process before the one year is up. This is very typical and is often with a trial application for meantime legal care of kids, visitation rights and your kids and perhaps spousal assistance (alimony) as well, based upon of course on the scenario. Sometimes one party looks for a restraining order. These trial applications are regularly settled via discussion before they actually continue. This is one area or many where Red Deer divorce lawyer will be a big help –

It is essential, in considering who your Red Deer divorce lawyer is going to be, that you choose one that is realistic, knowledgeable and experienced of exactly how things work in Red Deer.

Good to know that…

Affordable Divorce was established in an effort to offer a cost-effective alternative to customers looking for divorce. Our objective is to help those individuals stuck in disappointed and sometimes risky marriages.  Before you hire a divorce lawyers in Red Deer, think about paralegal. Why pay thousands if we can help you lower down the price of your entire divorce process to $1,100? We provide legal service FAST, EFFECTIVE, and LOW COST Canada divorce that is why we are Alberta’s #1 paralegal specialists!

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