Changing Orders

Anything can change when it comes to an Alberta divorce or any other kind of divorce filed elsewhere. This is where changing orders can be done by both parties. Any or both parties can return to Court to change their orders at any time if they still are not able to agree on things. This includes, but is not limited to modifying child support or spousal support payments and agreements regarding custody of children. We can help in most, if not all conventional situations. But there are certain cases that might require a lawyer’s assistance, especially if the audience of a judge is needed to change the order.

Our services include preparing the requisite documents on your behalf in the event you choose to face the judge to make the modification. This is mostly a formality, as most, if not all information needed by the judge is included as part of the previously submitted evidence, but such appearances can also be used to clarify or confirm certain pieces of information. Do not exercise trepidation when making such as an appearance, as judges are supposed to be aware of your situation. It is the judge’s responsibility to protect your rights and focus on the essential aspects on your case, however do not misconstrue this as a chance to gain the upper hand over your former spouse. Just make sure to emphasize the most pressing issues in your documents – remember our consultations are free should you need advice on the matter.

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