Starting the New Year Right

There is no better way to start the year right than to settle your relationship problems, and for some couples, this means taking care of their divorce. A divorce is more than just legally separating espoused couples after all. It is also about reaching a new agreement, one that is best for all parties involved. With this new agreement comes a clean slate for new possibilities, new futures, and most definitely, a better year ahead.

The Post-Holiday Rush

Many people put off divorce until after the holidays because a divorce is not something that fits the jolly season. For this reason, divorce Calgary lawyers often experience a busy season just when the New Year starts. It is estimated that the number of people going through a divorce has now reached a hundred thousand in Calgary alone. This number is almost double the number of individuals going through divorce more than a decade ago, in 2001. Of course, the reason for this is partly because of the fact that people are now more open to the concept of divorce, and also, couples find that they can indeed settle their issues and differences legally even without losing a huge percentage of their savings.

The Cost of Divorce

Divorce is not an easy process to go through, and one of the factors that make it even more difficult is the fact that the costs are just too high. Hiring a professional divorce lawyer can cost anywhere from $500 to $800 an hour. Imagine how many hours it would take for you and your spouse to settle your issues? This is why many paralegals now offer their services to those going through divorce. A divorce paralegal is not the same as a divorce lawyer, but he or she can be just as knowledgeable about the subject. Most of these divorce service providers already have years of experience in their names, and this makes them reliable experts that you can trust. More importantly, these paralegals, usually referred to as consultants, require only a payment of as low as $900 for the whole service.

Agreements and Arrangements

One of the best ways to help you lower the costs of your divorce and to make the whole process easier is to try and settle certain issues with your partner as best as you can. This includes the division of assets and liabilities, and more importantly, the children matters. Divorce Calgary consultants know how hard it is to settle such issues, but it is best to do so outside of court if you do not wish to spend a lot of your time, energy, and money in getting what you want. In most cases, the one who truly wins such cases where both parties fail to agree are none other than the lawyers.

Fair Decisions

The bottom line for most of these divorce Calgary consultants is simply a fair and just result. This may not always mean that everything will be divided 50-50, but it means that all parties get what they deserve and no one is left feeling cheated. Again, a divorce is all about settlements and agreements, and these arrangements make sure that everyone is well taken care of.

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